Here at Pencae School we support a wide range of Urdd activities.

As a school we believe that membership to such an organization will develop confidence and gain a sense of society. We therefore pay so that every pupil from year 2 upwards can be a member of the Urdd. This is a valuable opportunity for our pupils to be involved in the great range of experiences the Urdd has to offer.

We compete annually in the Eisteddfod, in a variety of competitions, ranging from singing and dancing, to reciting and playing musical instruments. Our pupils are also given the opportunity to enter the arts and crafts and photography competitions as part of their class work and within an after school club.

There is also a wide range of sporting activities throughout the school year.

Tim Pel DroedOur football team had considerable success in reaching the semi-finals in Aberystwyth in May 2015.

Urdd 2017/2018 - click here to see the photos.

Click here to visit the Urdd's website.